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Website Customer Service Improvement

Websites have become a very common way that customers and potential customers interact with companies. Many websites have faults or deficiencies that frustrate and annoy customers / potential customers, and waste their time. The frustration and annoyance often causes people to rapidly leave the website and go onto a competitor’s site instead. Usually, the company that owns the website is completely unaware of the problems that are causing customers / potential customers to be lost.

By resolving such problems and improving website usability, our consultants can help companies retain more customers, which can boost firms’ income and profits.

The same problems can afflict websites owned by public sector organisations, causing users to suffer poor service. This often causes users switch to using the telephone instead, which increases the workload on public sector staff. So, by helping to improve website ease of use, our web consultancy can save workers’ time and reduce operating costs.

Often, the websites that cause most problems are those where customers have to type in data when purchasing or ordering goods or tickets, or when filling in forms. Often these have not been tested thoroughly enough by the company that produced the web site. It is very common for a new website to contain one or more serious flaws. Even well established, older websites frequently contain several shortcomings that alienate customers and drive away potential customers.

Our web consultant firm can thoroughly and professionally test your website to identify any problems. This comprehensive assessment includes a website performance test and usability testing. Our website consultants then recommend solutions to the defects or issues that we have identified. The web testing can be carried out on existing websites that are already online, or on new websites that are nearing the end of their development. A major advantage of testing a new website before it goes online is that flaws can be rectified before customers / potential customers start using it, thereby avoiding customers and potential customers being alienated or lost from the outset.

For a costing or more details of our website testing services and web customer service improvement consulting, please click on contact web site customer service consultancy.


Our website consultants test to identify usability issues that annoy online users of company and public sector sites
We carry out website test programmes to identify issues that drive customers away
We provide web consultancy and test services that improve customer experience of a website
Our consultants offer website testing consultancy to identify web usability problems.
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